Eco Restoration 02

I have this simple idea:

We can reverse climate change.


I started this in Eco Restoration 01 back in 2020. Now it’s 2022, so how are things going, what have I learned, and where are we going with this? 2023 Update


Spring 2022

All my bees from last year died. So I ordered more bees, both packages and nucs. I installed bees in my backyard and (key point) got neighbors interested in hosting hives in their back yards. I have bees in 4 yards this year.

I also ordered some trees and shrubs to provide food for critters.

  • spring-2022-bees-01.jpg
  • spring-2022-bees-02.jpg
  • spring-2022-bees-03.jpg
  • spring-2022-bees-04.jpg
  • spring-2022-bees-05.jpg
  • spring-2022-bees-06.jpg
  • spring-2022-bees-07.jpg
  • spring-2022-bees-08.jpg
  • spring-2022-front-hugulkulture-01.jpg
  • spring-2022-lead-02.jpg
  • spring-2022-leaf-02.jpg
  • spring-2022-side-yard.jpg
  • spring-2022-trees-01.jpg
  • spring-2022-trees-02.jpg
  • spring-2022-trees-03.jpg
  • spring-2022-trees-04.jpg
  • spring-2022-trees-05.jpg
Summer 2022

It’s been a dry hot year. I installed some sprinklers to help the plants.

  • summer-2022-apiary-01.jpg
  • summer-2022-apiary-02.jpg
  • summer-2022-backyard-hugulkulture-01.jpg
  • summer-2022-backyard-hugulkulture-02.jpg
  • summer-2022-bees-01.jpg
  • summer-2022-bees-02.jpg
  • summer-2022-bees-03.jpg
  • summer-2022-front-house-yard-01.jpg
  • summer-2022-front-hugulkulture-02.jpg
  • summer-2022-hugulkulture-01.jpg
  • summer-2022-hugulkulture-02.jpg
  • summer-2022-hugulkulture-backyard-01.jpg
  • summer-2022-leaf-01.jpg
  • summer-2022-mason-bee-house-01.jpg
  • summer-2022-side-yard-01.jpg
  • summer-2022-side-yard-02.jpg
  • summer-2022-tree-nursery-01.jpg


  • Honey bees don’t seem to do that well in the PNW winters
  • Native bees love the clover I planted on the hugulkultures
  • Logs take a long time to decompose
  • An old, used, low mileage, low range (~50 miles) Nissan Leaf has been a game changer. I have taken a few longer trips where I needed to fast charge. But mostly, my lifestyle has evolved to just driving in the 5 miles around me…to yoga or to get groceries. Otherwise, I take the bus, lightrail, or train. I still have a gas car, but I almost never use it.
  • I am going to increase my focus on planting a variety of flowers and plants for a variety of pollinators

Other thoughts

I sold my sailboat this year. Then my partner and I joined a small sailing club and have been spending our weekends sailing dinghys around the local lake. So now I am spending a lot less money on a sail boat and actually sailing more. It’s pretty fun sailing a dinghy around, and it’s only a 5 minute drive to the beach. I might still go sailing around the world on a full size boat, but it certainly is interesting that I can have tons of fun doing something local, too.


Global Justice Ecology – love this site

Maria Thomchick is amazing

I’m sure you all know this one…

Russ sends a hopeful message to us through this site…


I’m thinking of ways to make our living spaces more ecological and fire resistant


Check out the tall grass meadow plant list in the project resources section.

Here’s a good site with local native meadow plants and recommendations:

And if you’re gonna do some quantity, these guys are cheaper but have a $500 minimum.

I have purchased cover crops from these folks (clover, for example):

I have purchased several pounds of wildflower mixes here

And you can get free seeds from psba here:

A few years ago I ordered 100 packets and then walked around my neighborhood and gave them away to my neighbors…one packet at a time. I have no idea how many people planted them, but that sort of outreach can have a huge effect. I’m doing the same thing this year…as soon as they send me the seeds.

I have purchased various trees and shrubs both locally from swansons and also from burnt ridge


I’m just playing around with the idea that if I change what’s important to me, then my actions follow suit.And if I start making the planet and our ecosystem my priority, then … who knows what good can come of it?